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      Sometimes I feel like the dinosaur in the cartoon which I've adopted as my personal logo.  I started in the mail order business in 1971, printing my first lists on a "mimeograph machine" - a messy, do-it-yourself, kitchen-table-top printing system.  A far cry from the Internet of today...

Back in 1971 a pricelist cost only 6c to mail (going to 8c before the end of the year) ....and gasoline was 25c per gallon. Clearly, some things have changed, but as the saying goes, "The more things change, the more they stay the same.", and what's stayed the same for me are the principles on which I built my business.  I call them the DINOSAUR PRINCIPLES. They are:

1. First and foremost, I sell only quality merchandise, accurately described.
2. My prices are always fair and competitive.
3. You want your purchase yesterday.  That won't be possible, but I'll process your order as fast as I can.
4. I can't control what happens to your order once it's in the Postal System.  All I can do is pack it securely, Insure it, and provide you with tracking. 
5. The Buck Stops Here.
  There is no "us" here.  Only me.  My motto is the same as President Harry Truman's.  I take the credit for everything that goes right, and I accept the blame for anything that (rarely!) goes wrong.

     There are no underpaid teenagers working here.  I buy the stamps, I check them into inventory, I pull your order and I pack & ship.  When you receive your first order in the mail, you'll understand better than I can explain it to you.

dinosaur.gif     This Dinosaur has credentials.  I've been a stamp dealer now for 49 years; I've been around and I've left my mark.  Here's a bit of my history:
     I've belonged to the APS (American Philatelic Society, #62558)) since 1971 and am currently a Life Member (#12437).
     I've belonged to the ASDA (American Stamp Dealers' Association) since 1973.  I'm also a past President of LISDA (the Long Island chapter of the ASDA).
     I've belonged to the UPSS (United Postal Stationery Society) since 1982.
     I've belonged to the AAMS (American Airmail Society) since 1974 and am currently a Life Member.
     I've belonged to the AFDCS (American First Day Cover Society) since.... well, this is a bit embarrassing, but my membership card doesn't list the date when I joined, and I don't have the time to dig into my records.  Probably the late '70s.
     I've belonged to the USSS (United States Stamp Society - Formerly the BIA (Bureau Issues Association)) since.... well, my membership card here is also a little spotty on the info.  Probably also the late '70s.

     I've also left a few footprints.  I took booths at all the big NY shows in the mid '70s;  the ASDA Show, the INTERPEX show and the LISDA show (back when it was held at the Nassau Coliseum).  I also took a booth at the Chicago ASDA show (I was politely handed my first speeding ticket on my way home from that show!).
     But then, I decided that the life of a "Show Dealer" wasn't for me.  That decision had much to do with my specializing in Postal Stationery....and the extreme bulking up of my inventory that this move required.

     I've left a few "editorial footprints" over the years, as well.  I was on the Editorial Board of the UPSS 20th Century Envelope Catalog (2004 Edition) and have been a "Contributor" to the UPSS Postal Card Catalog (1985, 1990, 2005 and 2010).

     I look forward to working with you.

          Best regards,

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